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Over the last year there has been a large push to compete in the Cloud based storage market.  With Google making a huge price push to undercut the competition and drive down the cost and hoping that would allow them to fleece the other Cloud users to join them in their effort to control the internet.  Don’t get me wrong, I dig Google.  They are innovators, creators, developers and great minds that are responsible for moving technology forward.  But I am a big fan of diversity and believe that competition drive progress.  Innovators are not all in the same fold and the rapid growth of technology over the last 20 years is in direct relationship to the many minds that have raced against each other to build amazing products, systems and code.

So, why use Dropbox?  the First reason is simple. They were leading innovators of file sharing in a Cloud format and many early adopters of the Cloud started on Dropbox. I’m set up with them, my filese are there, its comfortable and I trust it.

Why would I pay $9.99 when I could pay Google $1.99 for the same amount of space? I get the accountant mind thinking that this makes no sense… For PassTheSEO Dropbox is an essential part of our team, its a glue that connects us over the span of thousands of miles, it allows simple client relationships and sharing and is integral to our Agency needs from the start.

Still though, $9.99 a month integral? Yes! We pay because its worth that much to us.  I believe Google Drive is a great tool as well but I want to inspire competition and Google has all the money it needs to do their part.  Supporting Dropbox, in our small way, gives us the chance to appreciate, support and help innovate the Cloud community. And there is always that one other thing…

One other thing?  We like to diversify our assets and tools.  Sometimes having all your eggs in one basket(Google) might be cause for concern.

So in a nutshell, we use Dropbox because its part or our essential team. And we pay because it means that much to us.

Sign up for a free Dropbox here join us on the Cloud!

About the Author
Jed Duffield is a Co-founder of Pass the SEO, Inc. Since 2009 Jed has focused on developing quality, site on-page optimization, Social Media Strategy, Management and Application, Affiliate Marketing programs and Custom Website Design.

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